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Usage policies


Usage policies


Your downloading of our „“ cliparts constitutes your complete acceptance of the terms of this license agreement.

Before “” began digitalizing the pieces of clipart seen on this website, it made every possible effort to find any and all copyright holders. We of course fully respect that intellectual property of artists and their creative work. But despite intensive research over a long period of time, we found it impossible to locate all copyright holders. Hence we cannot rule out the possibility that third parties may have copyright claims to certain images. “” cannot accept liability or offer any guarantee concerning such third-party claims. Should you wish to obtain specific information about artists listed on our website, please contact us according to the method(s) indicated on our contact page.


 Printed matter
– Newspaper ads
– Magazine ads
– Flyers
– Brochures
– Catalogs
– Editorials
– and other such printed products

Digital products
– Websites
– Newsletters
– Presentations
– and other such communication materials
– Preview files with watermark may not be downloaded and used by visitors

TV Productions
A negotiated royalty and/or credit agreement is required for
Television commercials
– Film
– Television usage in general
– To use the images in this manner, please contact us at

„“ cliparts are not meant, nor are they licensed to you, for use where they constitute  any aspect of an item for resale, in electronic or other form. For example, „“ does not permit the use of its cliparts for mail order sale of items such as:
– T-shirts
– Packaging
– Coffee mugs
– Greeting cards
– Rubber stamps
– Templates for Programs, Websites, Newletters etc.,
– and similar materials

You may not protect a Logo which includes a clipart from us.

„“ grants you the right to use the cliparts on a maximum of five (5) workstations. You may install the cliparts on a storage device for access of up to five (5) workstations. You may output the cliparts on any output device connected to such workstations. If the cliparts are needed to be used on more than the permitted number of workstations, or for other purposes, additional licensing may be required and you must contact „I feel“ for more information. This license does not allow the use of a piece of  „I feel“ clipart where such clipart is any aspect of an item for resale. See section above for specific examples.

You may not rent, lease or sub-license the cliparts or documentation included with the cliparts. You may, however, transfer all your rights to use the cliparts to another person or legal entity provided you transfer this agreement with the cliparts and documentation to such person or entity, and that you retain no copies of the cliparts or documentation including copies stored on a computer.

The digital image rights belong to „“ and are protected by Swiss Copyright Law.

Place of legal jurisdiction is Zurich, Switzerland.